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Mother, Recognize Signs of Your Baby Allergy Cow Milk

If you are allergic to cow's milk, babies will often vomit or have diarrhea after drinking formula or cow's milk. However, that is not the only symptom. There are other symptoms or signs that can appear in babies who are allergic to cow's milk. Cow's milk allergy is one of the most common types of food allergies in infants. The risk of an allergic baby will be higher if one or both parents also have a history of allergies. In addition to drinking formula milk directly, your child can also show an allergic reaction when he consumes processed cow's milk products or drink breast milk from mothers who consume cow's milk. Milk allergy is often equated with lactose intolerance because the symptoms of these two conditions are similar. In fact, both are very different conditions. Cow's milk allergy occurs when the baby's immune system overreacts to the protein in milk, whereas lactose intolerance occurs when the baby has difficulty digesting lactose (the n
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Pregnant Women Reasons No Need to Fear Childbirth

Fear of childbirth is a natural thing experienced by pregnant women, especially women who are pregnant for the first time. This can be felt because pregnant women have never experienced this before. When in fact, labor is not as scary as that. After approximately 9 months to keep the fetus in the womb, finally it is time for pregnant women to face labor. On the eve of childbirth, pregnant women may feel mixed feelings, ranging from curious, happy because they want to meet the Little One immediately, to fear facing childbirth. Ignore All Fear of Childbirth Ever Pregnant Heard From all the information related to childbirth that Bumil heard, it is not certain that everything is true. If some of these things make pregnant women afraid, try to consult further with a doctor or midwife to get certainty. But it cannot be denied, many pregnant women feel uncomfortable or scared when thinking about childbirth due to the following things: 1. Can not withstand pain The process of giving b

Interested in Planting Yarn, First Read the Info here

The method of growing yarn is increasingly known in the world of beauty. Planting thread is often used to make the face look younger, such as tightening the skin and removing wrinkles. This method includes facial skin rejuvenation without surgery, performed by implanting threads under the skin tissue. Unlike plastic surgery, rejuvenating the skin with thread implanting does not require much action on the skin tissue. In addition, the work process and recovery time is also faster. The procedure also tends to be painless and the price does not drain the bag. What Is the Yarn Growing Procedure Like? Before undergoing thread planting, the doctor will inject or apply local anesthesia in the area of ​​the face where the thread will be implanted. After that, the doctor starts to insert special threads under the skin. The thread embedded under the facial skin is useful for creating effects that can lift sagging skin and tighten the soft tissue on the face. The thread growing procedure u